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Film Editing

Careers in Film Editing, Post Supervision, Asset Management and More.


Film Editor

Alternate Titles: Editor, Cutter

Job Description: The Film Editor (also known as Picture Editor) works with the Director, editing footage together to shape character and perspective, thereby creating a comprehensive onscreen narrative.

Average Annual Salary: $75,000

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Assistant Editor

Assistant Editor

Alternate Titles: AE

Job Description: The Assistant Editor supports the main Film Editor by preparing projects, cleaning up timelines and handling exports.

Average Annual Salary: $41,000

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post supervisor, become a post supervisor

Post Supervisor

Alternate Titles: Post Production Supervisor

Job Description: A Post Supervisor maintains the integrity of a film or television show by overseeing color correction and visual effects, handling quality control, and managing billing and paperwork.

Average Salary: $1,600/week

Become a Post Supervisor

post production coordinator

Post-Production Coordinator

Alternate Titles: Post Coordinator, PPC

Job Description: Post-Production Coordinators ensure delivery of a finished episode to the network. Duties include distributing daily footage to crew and production, scheduling Actors for post dialogue work, and organizing meals for post-production teams.

Salary: $44,000 to $78,000

Become a Post-Production Coordinator

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Alternate Titles: Assistant Post Supervisor

Job Description: Asset Managers manage the distribution of media assets between the various departments of post-production, making sure all media is organized and in place.

Salary: $43,000 to $110,000

Become an Asset Manager

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