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Founded in 2018, we set off on a mission to curate and deliver truly valuable film career information, sourced by trusted experts. While sites like Wikipedia often reference our authoritative content, we wanted to go above and beyond the basic career information their site offers. Our aim is to provide deeper insights, reveal more piercing data, and genuinely help our users gain an edge on the competition through our many Industry Insights articles and our 100+ film career profiles.

We’re owned and operated by Generation Z, LLC out of Boulder, CO.

Our Authors

We work with some of the best authors in the game who offer decades of combined experience.

Just a few examples:
Constantin Preda
Recent credits include Expedition Unknown (Supervising Producer), Naked and Afraid (Producer), and more.
See all of Constantin’s articles

Anna Keizer
M.A. in Film Studies from Chapman University’s Dodge College.
See all of Anna’s articles

Industry Professional Interviews
Most of the true professionals in the film industry are not authors, they’re too busy with the business of film. That’s why for all of our film career profiles, we interview experts like:

Polly Morgan
Director of Photography (TV: Legion, American Horror Story, Call the Midwife, Film: A Quiet Place Part II)
Read Polly’s article on how to become a Director of Photography

Hisham Abed
Director (Queer Eye)
Read Hisham’s article on how to become a Director

Jessica Lipman
Producer/Associate Producer and assorted other roles (Temptation Island, Vanderpump Rules, Project Runway All Stars, Real Housewives of New York City)
Read Jessica’s article on how to become an Associate Producer

David Occhino
Location Manager (Ocean’s Eight, Girls, The Good Wife, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Sopranos)
Read David’s article on how to become a Location Scout

Davey Holmes
Showrunner/Producer/Writer/other roles (Get Shorty, Shameless, Law & Order)
Read Davey’s article on how to become a Show Runner

Norberto Barba
Director (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and Producer (Grimm, Mayans M.C.)
Read Norberto’s article on how to become a Director

John Schwartzman
Director of Photography (Seabiscuit, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor)
Check out John’s article on cinematography

Ryan Cunningham
Manager (Manages writers of A Quiet Place, The Handmaid’s Tale, Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley)
Read Ryan’s article on how to become a Writer Manager

Jen Klein
TV Writer and Producer (Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident)
Read Jen’s article on how to become a TV Writer

Greg Barbanell
Foley Artist (Better Call Saul, The Revenant, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead)
Read Greg’s article about how to become a Foley Artist

Billy Ray
Screenwriter (The Comey Rule, Captain Philips, The Hunger Game)
Read Billy’s article on screenwriting

Beatriz Chahin
Production Coordinator (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Newsroom)
Check out Beatriz’s article on how to become a Production Coordinator

Shane Hurlbut
Director of Photography (We Are Marshall, Terminator Salvation)
Check out Shane’s article on cinematography

John Zinman
Screenwriter, Executive Producer, and Showrunner (Tomb Raider, Friday Night Lights)
Read John’s article on how to become a Screenwriter/TV Writer

We’re the Authority on Careers In Film

Because our content is of such integrity, we’re often referred to by many well-known sites such as Wikipedia, Format, Premium Beat, Medium, and more.

We specialize in one thing: film careers. All of our content is centered squarely on helping our users get started in the career of their desire, move forward, and keep up with the trends in the industry. If it’s happening in film careers, it’s happening here.

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How Do We Make Our Money?

Everyone has to pay the bills, right? We work with a handful of select film schools to help pair them with the users of our site who are interested in attending for programs like Filmmaking and Film Business. Each user we refer to these schools earns us a small fee. We never, ever suggest a person attend film school unless they feel it is right for them.

A few of the schools we work with are Full Sail University and Los Angeles Film School.

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