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Production Coordinator

Expert Sources: Beatriz Chahin
Date: April 15, 2019
Reads: 6,964

Career Overview

Production Coordinators have a wide-ranging role to ensure the smooth running of a production. Their many duties include liaising between departments, creating contracts and coordinating cast and crew at all levels.

Alternate Titles

Production Office Coordinator

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Career Description

Beatriz Chahin, Production Coordinator on NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, explains that the production department is at the heart of every show, film and television series.

She describes it as “a customer service team” – people come to them for the lowdown on anything and everything, and they need to distribute that information (daily paperwork, announcements, etc.) so everyone is aware of what’s happening, and the show runs like clockwork.

Production Coordinators liaise with every department on the show, including many on the studio and network side.

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