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Production Careers

Producers make it happen. If you're looking for a career that combines your creative skills with your talent for management and organization, there's something for you in the Production Department.
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Production Assistant looking at footage on camera

Production Assistant

A Production Assistant works with various departments on set as needed for odd jobs and support tasks. This is the entry-level position for many crew positions. Learn More Avg. Salary: $34,296 Salary Range: $31K - $43K Alt Titles: PA
Associate producer wearing headphones on set

Associate Producer

The Associate Producer (often abbreviated to AP) assists in putting a production together. This nuts and bolts position may include writing, editing, organizing and assisting a wide variety of crew... Learn More Avg. Salary: $68,304 Salary Range: $40K-$105K Alt Titles: AP
Line Producer running through the budget with an older film development executive

Line Producer

The Line Producer manages a production’s budget and schedule. They also hire the below-the-line crew and serve as the liaison between the Director, Producer, and crew. Learn More Avg. Salary: $83,699 Salary Range: $74,000-$132,000 Alt Titles: None
Producer talking on her phone in her office

Producer (Film)

A Producer is the person who heads up or assists with the production of a film, TV show, or other types of entertainment. Depending on the nature of the position, a Producer may develop scripts, find... Learn More Avg. Salary: $750,000 per film (for a studio-backed production) Salary Range: $250K-$10M (for studio-backed productions) Alt Titles: Movie Producer, Film Producer
TV Producer watching filming on a monitor

TV Producer

Television Producers oversee the production of narrative half-hour, hour-long, reality, and streaming television productions. Learn More Avg. Salary: $76,690 Salary Range: $35K-$115K Alt Titles: Producer, Executive Producer, Associate Producer, Television Producer
Unit Production Manager looking over paperwork at her desk

Unit Production Manager

Unit Production Managers ensure that all of the paperwork is organized for the Line Producer. They also handle all crew deal memos and contracts. Learn More Avg. Salary: $70,773 Salary Range: $47K-$103K Alt Titles: UPM, Production Manager
Co-producer in production meeting with her team


A Co-producer coordinates the different production departments and logistical needs of the production team. Learn More Avg. Salary: $80,902 Salary Range: $43K-$158K Alt Titles: Co-producer in Production (specific to a production)
Female production coordinator sitting in her office

Production Coordinator

Production Coordinators have a wide-ranging role to ensure the smooth running of a production. Their many duties include liaising between departments, creating contracts and coordinating cast and crew... Learn More Avg. Salary: $53,287 Salary Range: $40K-$70K Alt Titles: Production Office Coordinator
Assistant Production Coordinator sitting on her desk in her office

Assistant Production Coordinator

Assistant Production Coordinators problem-solve every aspect of production. Their countless responsibilities include being the main point of contact for everyone on set, distributing scripts and... Learn More Avg. Salary: $53,315 Salary Range: $40K - $70K Alt Titles: Assistant Production Office Coordinator, APOC, APC
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