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TV Producer

Expert Sources: Angela Gulner
Date: October 2, 2019
Reads: 3,697

Career Overview

Television Producers oversee the production of narrative half-hour, hour-long, reality, and streaming television productions.

Alternate Titles

Producer, Executive Producer, Associate Producer, Television Producer

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Career Description

The role of a Television Producer on production is extremely wide-ranging. A Television Producer may assume an executive and development role, conceiving the story and aiding Writers on an above the line level, or they may be doing nitty-gritty production work such as budget-making and line producing, or depending on the type of production, they may be doing it all. They may be referred to as a Producer, Executive Producer or Associate Producer, depending on their specific role.

Angela Gulner was actually a working Actress in Hollywood when she made the switch to television production. The change came out of a desire to give her own career more control and possibility. Her first foray was with her hugely successful independent pilot, Binge, which is now being developed into a larger series.

Gulner says the reality of producing Binge was an incredible amount of hard work: “I was line producing as well as executive producing.” Gulner also created the show, wrote the show, and starred in it. Not to mention the show was based on her personal story.

“It was spreadsheets and communications and putting out fires,” she states. “We were very understaffed so everyone wore a ton of hats, which is both good and bad because everyone was looking out for things, but also no one had completely assigned duties so there was a lot of room for miscommunication.”

The initial pilot was also crowdfunded, so Gulner and her producing partner Yuri Baranovsky also produced a crowdfunding campaign — a whole other beast. “We had to be aggressive with scheduling. I had to kind of assume the central hub for that campaign, and we had to have a set release schedule, and social media schedule, and all kinds of schedules, really.”

Gulner also spearheaded pre-production of the Binge shoot. “It was a lot of gathering resources, making phone calls, making schedules, and juggling numbers to see what we could afford. Also once you get on set it was kind of like, you have a plan of how you think it’s gonna go, and it never goes that way.

“It was a lot of adjusting in the moment to figure out