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Script Reader

Expert Sources: Vanessa Pegram
Date: August 6, 2019
Reads: 9,037

Career Overview

Script Readers provide script coverage for scripts being considered for production, agency representation, or film contest awards.

Alternate Titles

Script Consultant, Script Coverage Services, Script Analyst

Salary Range

$1,544 to $1,857 a week1

Career Description

A Script Reader may read scripts for a variety of purposes, such as on behalf of a Producer or studio looking for scripts to go into production, or on behalf of a contest that is looking to award a prize, or on behalf of an agency or management company seeking Writers for representation.

Script Readers are expected to provide extensive script coverage that can include a script summary, a breakdown of character, structure, and overall marketability of the project.

Vanessa Pegram has worked providing coverage both on behalf of a boutique management company and the BlueCat Screenplay Contest. She recently launched her own company to provide cov