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Post Supervisor

Expert Sources: Caroline Dobbe
Date: January 24, 2019
Reads: 3,606

Career Overview

A Post Supervisor maintains the integrity of a film or television show by overseeing color correction and visual effects, handling quality control, and managing billing and paperwork.

Alternate Titles

Post-Production Supervisor

Avg. Salary


Salary Range

$41K – $67K1

Career Description

For Caroline Dobbe, Post Supervisor on the upcoming Amazon Prime show The Boys, a typical day on the job “depends on the day.”

On most days, though, her time is usually spent making sure nothing has gone wrong with the quality of the show’s picture. That means overseeing color correction and quality control. She also might drop any visual effects that are used for the show into the picture.

Dobbe also handles a wide assortment of paperwork. In many instances, a Post Supervisor has to manage billing, invoices and other budgetary concerns, so it’s important that she track those expenses and make sure that the production doesn’t go over the approved costs.