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Key Craft Services

Expert Sources: Heather Lapp
Last updated: Mar 19, 2023
Reads: 11,445

Career Overview

Key Craft Services provide snacks, coffee and refreshments to crew and cast throughout the day. They also maintain trash on and around set.

Alternate Titles

Key Crafty Service, Key Crafty, Key Craft Server

Avg. Salary

$1,200 a week1

Salary Range

$110k to $180k+

Career Description

Heather Lapp, purveyor of Craft Services to top television shows like Sorry For Your Loss, The Catch and People Like Us clarifies how Craft Services is different from catering: “Caterers are the people who come in and provide breakfast and lunch, they do that huge setup. What I do as a Key Crafty is come in and maintain all day.

“I do coffee, I do snacks, I do the trash, I take care of anything the cast, crew, and assistants need. I have a whole setup on stage with snacks and then, after lunch, I’m making fruit platters to go out. People can even come on the trailer and get anything they want. It’s drinks, food, little snacks, early dinner — that’s where I come in as a Crafty.”

Lapp explains that her day starts early, earlier than every other department head: “I’m there before everyone, and I leave after everyone. I have to get my setup done pretty quickly in the mornings so I come in an hour before the crew and start getting water and trash ready. People need to be hydrated right from the start.

“Also, people are super tired and start to complain if I don’t get the coffee going as fast as possible! You gotta keep everyone happy and make sure they have what they need, right from the off.”

Lapp runs her own department and maintains her own schedule independent of anyone else: “I don’t have to check in with anyone. If I’m on stage, I go in early and turn on the coffee machines and the warmers. Then I get the water into the coolers and check the trash — as a Crafty, you get a system down.”

Lapp has people coming in and out of her trailer all day, and the numbers are astronomical: “You have 150 people, at least, that you’re dealing with on a daily basis so you build relationships amidst the chaos.

“I have a great relationship with the PAs — they have a really hard job and take the brunt of set stress,