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Film Catering

Expert Sources: Bonnie Christiansen
Date: June 12, 2018
Reads: 13,342

Career Overview

A Catering (or Craft Services) person provides all food and beverages on set, with the exception of meal times.

Alternate Titles

Crafty, Craft Services, Entertainment Catering, Caterer

Avg. Salary


Salary Range


Career Description

Film Catering (or Craft Services) provides food and beverages on a production set. They do not handle meals, but supply snacks and drinks.

Bonnie Christiansen, who has worked on features, commercials and music videos explains, “For your job, you must be prepped already. Before you even get on set, you have to do all the required shopping. Every job has different requirements and needs due to budget and diets. If you’re working with movie stars, then they have riders, which means that they have contractual guarantees certain items will be provided on set.

“Commercials are a bit different because they require pass around snacks. It