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Casting Assistant

Expert Sources: Jeffrey Marx
Date: May 17, 2019
Reads: 9,766

Career Overview

Casting Assistants hold a largely administrative role in the casting process. They report to and support Casting Directors. They work with Actors’ schedules, schedule auditions, construct casting lists, do interviews with potential cast, and do any additional research or administrative work that may be needed throughout the casting process.

Alternate Titles

Casting Producer, Assistant Casting Producer, Assistant Casting Director

Avg. Salary


Salary Range

$42K – $81K1

Career Description

Casting Assistants and Casting Producers research, find, and interview Actors and non-professional talent for televisions shows, often for reality and or documentary series. Casting Assistants are usually a part of a team with any number of Casting Producers, Casting Associate Producers or Casting Assistants. They report to Casting Directors and work alongside Casting Associates.

Long-time Casting Producer Jeffrey Marx says every show he has worked on has had a different feel, but there is a fair amount of consistency to the job.

For example, “in the morning I usually catch up on any emails from the night before. The day never really ends in casting,” he muses. “Then I will usually do some outreach. When searching for candidates I often use social media like Instagram and Twitter. I might even look at local news articles and reach out there, as well.”

Marx explains there’s also a selling aspect to being a Casting Producer or Assistant: “You have to give a bit of