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Assistant Makeup Artist

Expert Sources: Jessica Licata
Date: June 6, 2019
Reads: 4,433

Career Overview

Assistant Makeup Artists can do everything from natural beauty to turning a person into a literal monster. They may also be in charge of body makeup, organization, or keeping Actors looking perfect while on set.

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Career Description

Jessica Licata has been making people look beautiful for the camera for twenty-five years. While she didn’t get to start out in film and TV, she knew it was what she wanted to do from a very young age. What she loves about the work of an Assistant Makeup Artist is how much it varies.

“I originally started out in hair,” says Licata. “I then got into TV makeup, and now I am doing that most of the time if I am on a set. That can mean anything from having my kit ready, walking on set, having a conversation with the Producer, or whoever is directing. I work on smaller projects, so commercials, and usually non-union jobs at the moment. I am still aspiring to do more, and bigger things.”

Licata says to start her day she will ensure her makeup kit is ready. Then her job most typically falls in the range of beauty makeup, ensuring everyone looks good on camera (no zits, or dark circles, aka the best versi