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Hair & Makeup Careers

Love helping others look their best (or scariest)? Discover the many opportunities for hair and makeup experts in the film industry.
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Makeup artist applying eyeshadow on a performer

Makeup Artist

As part of a production team, a Makeup Artist’s job is to collaborate with other creatives by painting faces, creating character looks and designing other facial effects in line with their vision. Learn More Avg. Salary: $75,000 Salary Range: $37K- $124K Alt Titles: None
Hairdresser fixing an actress' hair


A Hairdresser will work to prepare an Actor’s look to suit the scene. Hair pieces, wigs, hair extensions, and hair dye are all tools of the trade. Learn More Avg. Salary: $66,000 Salary Range: $50,000 to $70,000 Alt Titles: Stylist, Hair Stylist
Key Hair Stylist curling an actress' hair

Key Hair Stylist

Key Hair Stylists cut and style the hair and wigs of Actors, Background Artists and Stunt Performers on television series, feature films, commercials or short projects. Learn More Avg. Salary: $77,000 Alt Titles: Key Hairdresser, Key Stylist, Key Hair Designer
Assistant makeup artist fixing makeup for actress on location

Assistant Makeup Artist

Assistant Makeup Artists can do everything from natural beauty to turning a person into a literal monster. They may also be in charge of body makeup, organization, or keeping Actors looking perfect... Learn More Avg. Salary: $24,666 Salary Range: $16K-$36K Alt Titles: None
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