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Assistant Production Accountant

Expert Sources: Dina Ramsey
Date: July 8, 2019
Reads: 5,360

Career Overview

Whereas the Production Accountant takes care of macro-level financials and overall budgets for a production, Assistant Production Accountants take care of micro-level financials such as paying bills and dealing with petty cash accounts.

Alternate Titles

Second Assistant Production Accountant

Avg. Salary


Salary Range

$38K – $77K1

Career Description

Dina Ramsey, Second Assistant Production Accountant on HBO’s True Detective and True Blood, and current Finance Associate at Cartoon Network, clarifies the general job structure in the notoriously nebulous Accounting Department:

“Every department is a little different, so it depends where you are, but there is a hierarchy. You start as an Accounting Clerk, or File Clerk, which involves high volume filing, organizing and matching invoices to purchase orders (POs). When you’re an Assistant Accountant, you’re either a First or Se