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First AC inspecting camera on location

1st AC (First AC)

The First AC manages the camera gear and crew on a film set. They work under the Cinematographer, recommending cameras, lenses, and other support gear. Learn More Avg. Salary: $100,000 Salary Range: $70,000 to $250,000 Alt Titles: 1st Assistant Camera, Camera Technician
1st Assistant Director talking to colleague on location

1st Assistant Director

The 1st Assistant Director manages the schedule for a film set and coordinates all on-set departments for each shot. Learn More Salary Range: $50,000 to $75,000 Alt Titles: 1st AD
Second AC with crew member carrying film clapper

2nd AC (Second AC)

The 2nd Assistant Camera works on the camera team organizing lenses, building camera gear and running the slate. Learn More Avg. Salary: $50,626 Salary Range: $42K-$62K Alt Titles: 2nd Assistant Camera
Second Assistant Director on set with movie crew

2nd Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Directors assist the Assistant Director to ensure a set is running smoothly. This may include tracking progress on schedule, creating call sheets, working with Extras, and generally... Learn More Avg. Salary: $84,900 Salary Range: $64K-$121K Alt Titles: 2nd AD, Second AD
Male and female Actors getting out of limo on the red carpet


An Actor embodies a character in a film, TV show, or other type of content. With research of that character, memorization of dialogue, and collaboration with the Director of the project, an Actor... Learn More Avg. Salary: $56,903 Salary Range: $15,500 - $139,500 Alt Titles: Actress, Artist, Cast Member, Performer, Talent, Thespian
Actress sitting in chair with lights on set


Actresses collaborate with Writers and Directors to bring performances to life. They are an integral part of meaningful storytelling: bringing ideas to fruition, inhabiting characters and provoking... Learn More Avg. Salary: $3M a picture Salary Range: $65K - $20M a picture Alt Titles: Actor, Talent
Adjunct professor helping student in the classroom

Adjunct Professor

An Adjunct Professor is hired by a college or university on a contractual, part-time basis to teach the film curriculum of that particular school. Learn More Avg. Salary: $20,107 Salary Range: $5K-$50K Alt Titles: Teacher, Professor, Instructor
ADR Mixer at her workstation

ADR Mixer

ADR Mixers correct dialogue and sound that was problematic in the original production. They remove background noise, re-record dialogue with lip-synching and clean up production audio. Learn More Avg. Salary: $76,799 Salary Range: $51K-$114K Alt Titles: ADR Recordist. (This used to be a separate job, but is now under the remit of ADR Mixers.)
Armorer showing actress how to shoot a gun


An Armorer supervises the use of all weapons on a film set and provides instruction for the Actors on how to use them properly and safely. Learn More Avg. Salary: $48,646 Salary Range: $12K - $88K Alt Titles: None
Art director creating a design in her office

Art Director

Art Directors oversee the building of sets and the creation of all show signage in line with the vision of the Production Designer. Learn More Avg. Salary: $74,292 Salary Range: $50K-$112K Alt Titles: Production Designer (On lower budget projects, these roles may be combined)
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