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Directing Careers

Directors are some of the biggest stars in the film industry. But do you know these other directing-related careers that are invaluable on set?
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Director and team looking at camera on set

Director (Film)

Directors are the storytellers in charge of every creative aspect from development to post-production. They ensure that the film’s story is conveyed through the performances of the Actors, other... Learn More Salary Range: $250K to $2M Alt Titles: Film Director, Movie Director
1st Assistant Director talking to colleague on location

1st Assistant Director

The 1st Assistant Director manages the schedule for a film set and coordinates all on-set departments for each shot. Learn More Salary Range: $50,000 to $75,000 Alt Titles: 1st AD
Second Assistant Director on set with movie crew

2nd Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Directors assist the Assistant Director to ensure a set is running smoothly. This may include tracking progress on schedule, creating call sheets, working with Extras, and generally... Learn More Avg. Salary: $84,900 Salary Range: $64K-$121K Alt Titles: 2nd AD, Second AD
Female Key PA talking into walkie talkie on set

Key PA

Key PAs are in charge of the Set PAs, ensuring they are all in control of their many on set tasks. Learn More Avg. Salary: $59,215 Salary Range: $42K - $81K Alt Titles: Key Production Assistant, KPA
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