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Lighting & Grip Careers

The Film Lighting department is filled with experts on how to create realistic light, build atmosphere, and operate the lighting gear that makes the magic happen with ease. Can you see yourself as a Gaffer, Best Boy, or Grip?
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Gaffer aiming light on set


The Gaffer is the Chief Lighting Technician who leads the electrical department on a film set. They work in preproduction and production to help achieve the desired cinematic image by overseeing all... Learn More Avg. Salary: $54,738 Salary Range: $19K to $129K Alt Titles: Chief Lighting Technician, CLT, On Set Gaffer
Best Boy Grip adjusting lighting on set

Best Boy

The Best Boy assists the Key Grip in running the grip department by managing the crew, placing gear orders, and keeping track of equipment. Learn More Avg. Salary: $92,000 Alt Titles: Best Boy Grip
Key Grip working on lights on film set

Key Grip

The Key Grip supervises the Grip Department on a film set, providing all support for lights and camera on set. They shape light for a cinematic quality. Learn More Avg. Salary: $59,000 Salary Range: $41K-$131K Alt Titles: Head of Grip Department
Dolly grip laying track on set

Dolly Grip

Dolly Grips prepare a location or set for camera motion and support the camera any time it is moving. They lay protective flooring according to the scene blocking, hold the camera when it is rigged to... Learn More Salary Range: $100K-$300K Alt Titles: A Dolly Grip, B Dolly Grip
Grip working with lights on film production


Grips are part of the Grip Department. The Key Grip hires and oversees the Best Boys, Dolly Grips, Hammers and Rigging crew for a production. They make sure sets and rigs are safely built and... Learn More Avg. Salary: $59,000 Salary Range: $41K-$131K Alt Titles: First Company Grip
Film electrician adjusting light on set

Film Electrician

The Film Electrician lays cable and sets up lights for the Gaffer on a film set. There are two types: a Rigging Electric and an On-Set Electric. Learn More Avg. Salary: $51,013 Salary Range: $35K-$73K Alt Titles: Lamp Operator, Electric
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