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Production: Camera

Careers in Cinematography, Camera Assisting, and More.



Alternate Titles: Director of Photography, DP

Job Description: The Cinematographer works with the Director to achieve the overall visual aesthetic of a cinematic production.

Salary: $2,000 to $20,000 per week

Become a Cinematographer

Director of Photography

Director of Photography

Alternate Titles: Cinematographer, DP, DOP

Job Description: The Director of Photography (DP) works with a Director to execute their vision for the script. They are in charge of both Camera and Lighting Departments, creating the visuals that help tell the story.

Salary: $500 to $7,000+ (day rate)

Become a Director of Photography

Camera Operator and Steadicam Operator

Camera Operator

Alternate Titles: Camera Person, Shooter, Steadicam

Job Description: Camera Operators work with the camera team to operate a camera and record the action of a scene on a film set.

Average Annual Salary: $59,000

Become a Camera Operator

1st Assistant Camera

1st AC

Alternate Titles: 1st Assistant Camera, Camera Technician

Job Description: The First AC manages the camera gear and crew on a film set. They work under the Cinematographer, recommending cameras, lenses, and other support gear.

Salary: $10 to $31 per hour

Become a 1st AC

Second AC

2nd AC

Alternate Titles: 2nd Assistant Camera

Job Description: The 2nd Assistant Camera works on the camera team organizing lenses, building camera gear and running the slate.

Salary: $60,000 to $80,000

Become a 2nd AC

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