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Visual and Special Effects Careers

Create explosions, build atmosphere, and generate otherworldly visuals as a member of the Visual and Special Effects Departments! These behind-the-scenes careers are responsible for some of the coolest elements of filmmaking.
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Visual Effects Supervisor looking at a camera on a set with a green screen

Visual Effects Supervisor

Visual Effects Supervisors are present on set when a film or television show is being shot. They advise on how to go about shooting something to make it easy to handle in post-production. With good... Learn More Avg. Salary: $140,502 Salary Range: $59K - $225K Alt Titles: On Set VFX Supervisor, VFX Super
On set visual effects supervisor with camera crew, actors, and green screen

On Set VFX Supervisor

The job of an On-Set VFX Supervisor is to make sure that the required VFX shots are executed as needed, as well as to manage the VFX budget, schedule and expectations. Learn More Avg. Salary: $140,502 Salary Range: $59K - $225K Alt Titles: Studio VFX Supervisor, In-House VFX Supervisor
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