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Production Art

Careers in Art Direction, Set Decorating, Costume Design, and More.

Production Designer

Production Designer

Alternate Titles: PD, Scenic Design

Job Description: The Production Designer manages the Art Department on a set and oversees the visuals of the film. They participate in location scouts and design sets.

Average Annual Salary: $90,000

Become a Production Designer

art director

Art Director

Job Description: Art Directors oversee the building of sets and the creation of all show signage in line with the vision of the Production Designer.

General Salary Range: $42,000 to $150,000+

Become an Art Director

set dresser

Set Dresser

Job Description: Set Dressers work on film sets to arrange set dressing items such as pictures and furniture before the camera. They may be responsible for the pickup, transport, and all organization of set dressing items to and from set. This job is essential in bringing a set to life.

General Salary Range: $50,000 to $122,000

Become a Set Dresser

storyboard artist

Storyboard Artist

Job Description: Storyboard Artists create visualizations of scripts (animatics), allowing the creative team to “see” the episode or film before full animation or shooting begins.

General Salary Range: $79,000 to high six figures

Become a Storyboard Artist

makeup artist, film makeup artist

Makeup Artist

Job Description: As part of a production team, a Makeup Artist’s job is to collaborate with other creatives by painting faces, creating character looks and designing other facial effects in line with their vision.

General Salary Range: Varies widely; $300/day – $3,000/day

Become a Makeup Artist

Props Master

Props Manager

Alternate Titles: Props Master, Property Master, Props

Job Description: The Props Manager acquires, organizes, and maintains all items that an Actor uses within a film. They source props from thrift shops and props houses.

Salary: $150 to $400 per day

Become a Props Manager

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

Alternate Titles: Motion Graphics Artist, Motion Graphics and Titles

Job Description: Graphic Artists implement general visual effects and create custom transitions through carefully selected fonts and colors.

Salary: $80,000 to $120,0000

Become a Graphic Artist

Costume Designer

Costume Designer

Alternate Titles: Head of Wardrobe

Job Description: The Costume Designer creates costumes to tell a story about the characters. He or she is the artistic head for all costume based decisions on a film set.

Salary: $3,000 to $12,000 per day

Become a Costume Designer

Assistant Costume Designer

Assistant Costume Designer

Alternate Titles: Theatrical Designer

Job Description: Assistant Costume Designers assist Costume Designers with all looks for Actors on set. They also plan, create, organize, and help maintain clothes on set.

Salary: $25,000 to $100,000

Become an Assistant Costume Designer

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