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Art Department Careers

If you've got art and design skills, the Art Department is the place for you. Learn how to combine your passion for film with your love for art through careers in visual worldbuilding!
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Actors on set that showcases a 19th century production design

Production Designer

The Production Designer manages the art department on a set and oversees the visuals of the film. They participate in location scouts, design sets, and are the most senior role in creating the visual... Learn More Salary Range: $450 - $2K a day Alt Titles: PD
Art director creating a design in her office

Art Director

Art Directors oversee the building of sets and the creation of all show signage in line with the vision of the Production Designer. Learn More Avg. Salary: $74,292 Salary Range: $50K-$112K Alt Titles: Production Designer (On lower budget projects, these roles may be combined)
Set dresser decorating a kitchen set

Set Dresser

Set Dressers work on film sets to arrange set dressing items such as pictures and furniture before the camera. They may be responsible for the pickup, transport, and all organization of set dressing... Learn More Avg. Salary: $75,000 Salary Range: $30 - $35/hr Alt Titles: None
Set Decorator with his team at work in the background

Set Decorator

Set Decorators are in charge of populating sets with character and world-specific items on television series, feature films, commercials or short projects. Their remit is vast and includes light... Learn More Avg. Salary: $104,000 Alt Titles: Set Decoration
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