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Film Sound & Color

Careers in Foley Artistry, ADR, Coloring and More.



Alternate Titles: Post Digital Imaging Technician

Job Description: The Colorist processes every image in a cinematic production to achieve the desired hues and contrast. The work is a sort of hybrid of visual effects and cinematography.

Average Annual Salary: $69,000

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foley artist

Foley Artist

Job Description: A Foley Artist performs custom-made sound effects, props and footsteps for film and television. They differ from Sound Editors who take pre-recorded sounds and make them fit the picture.

Salary: $60,000 to $180,000+

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Foley Artist

Foley Engineer

Alternate Titles: Foley Recordist

Job Description: The Foley Engineer works in the Sound Department, setting up microphones and recording the sound effects Foley Artists create for a motion picture.

Salary: $150 to $300 per day

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Sound Designer

Sound Designer

Alternate Titles: SDx, Supervising Sound Editor

Job Description: The Sound Designer oversees the creative aspects of how a film will feel sonically and what its unified aesthetic of sound will be.

Salary: $100 to $400 per day

Become a Sound Designer

Re-Recording Sound Mixer

Re-recording Mixer

Alternate Titles: Dubbing Mixer

Job Description: The Re-recording Mixer provides the final theatrical sound mix for a cinematic production. Their goal is to create a mix that tells the story effectively.

Average Annual Salary: $65,000

Become a Re-recording Mixer

Company Producer

Company Producer

Alternate Titles: Color/Sound/VFX/Editing Supervisor, Studio Manager

Job Description: The Company Producer works within a specific department in the different post-production houses to coordinate and manage schedules for the sound, color, visual effects or editing talent.

Salary: $70,000 to $100,000

Become a Company Producer

ADR Mixer

ADR Mixer

Alternate Titles: ADR Recordist. (This used to be a separate job, but is now under the remit of ADR Mixers.)

Job Description: ADR Mixers correct dialogue and sound that was problematic in the original production. They remove background noise, re-record dialogue with lip-synching and clean up production audio.

Salary: Annual salary varies, depending on hours worked. Range between $80,000 low end to mid-six figures high end.

Become an ADR Mixer

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