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Production: Supervisors

Careers in Line Producing, Production Coordinating, and More.

Line Producer

Line Producer

Job Description: The Line Producer manages a production’s budget and scheduling and hires all of the below-the-line crew. He or she serves as the bridge between the Director, Producer, and the crew.

Salary: $73,000

Become a Line Producer

Location Manager

Location Manager

Alternate Titles: Location Supervisor, Locations

Job Description: The Location Manager finds, secures and supervises locations for a film, TV, or commercial production. They submit permits, negotiate rates, and coordinate parking, trash removal, and any required police activity.

Average Annual Salary: $49,500

Become a Location Manager

location scout

Location Scout

Alternate Titles: Location Manager, Locations

Job Description: Location Scouts secure locations for filming. They handle permits and coordinate location management before, during, and after production.

Average Annual Salary: $80,000 to $120,000

Become a Location Scout

Unit Production Manager

Unit Production Manager

Alternate Titles: UPM, Production Manager

Job Description: Unit Production Managers ensure that all of the paperwork is organized for the Line Producer. They also handle all crew deal memos and contracts.

Average Annual Salary: $62,300

Become a Unit Production Manager

production coordinator

Production Coordinator

Alternate Titles: Production Office Coordinator

Job Description: Production Coordinators have a wide-ranging role to ensure the smooth running of a production. Their many duties include liaising between departments, creating contracts and coordinating cast and crew at all levels.

Average Annual Salary: $70,000

Become a Production Coordinator

Assistant Production Coordinator

Assistant Production Coordinator

Alternate Titles: Assistant Production Office Coordinator, APOC, APC

Job Description: Assistant Production Coordinators problem-solve every aspect of production. Their countless responsibilities include being the main point of contact for everyone on set, distributing scripts and schedules and taking care of on-set logistics.

Salary: $60,000 to $75,000

Become an Assistant Production Coordinator

1st Assistant Director

1st Assistant Director

Alternate Titles: 1st AD

Job Description: The 1st Assistant Director manages the schedule for a film set and coordinates all on-set departments for each shot.

Salary: $8,000 per week

Become a 1st Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Director

Alternate Titles: 2nd AD, Second AD

Job Description: 2nd Assistant Directors assist the Assistant Director to ensure a set is running smoothly. This may include tracking progress on schedule, creating call sheets, working with Extras, and generally maintaining set order and safety.

Salary: $40,000 to $75,000 per year

Become a 2nd Assistant Director

Key PA

Key PA

Alternate Titles: Key Production Assistant, KPA

Job Description: Key PAs are in charge of the Set PAs, ensuring they are all in control of their many on set tasks.

Average Annual Salary: $36,000

Become a Key PA

Script Supervisor

Script Supervisor

Alternate Titles: Scripty, Continuity

Job Description: The Script Supervisor oversees continuity during principal photography, ensuring people and props are where they should be in each shot.

Salary: $500 to $4,000 per week

Become a Script Supervisor

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