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Production: Specialty

Careers in Catering, Accounting, Piloting, and More.

on set vfx supervisor

On Set Visual Effects Supervisor

Alternate Titles: Studio VFX Supervisor, In-House VFX Supervisor

Job Description: The job of an On-Set VFX Supervisor is to make sure that the required VFX shots are executed as needed, as well as to manage the VFX budget, schedule and expectations.

Salary: Varies widely; $25/hr. to $5,000/wk.

Become an On Set Visual Effects Supervisor

Drone Pilot

Alternate Titles: Drone Operator, Drone Camera Operator

Job Description: The job of a drone pilot is to capture footage from a unique, bird’s eye perspective.

Salary: $0-$1,500/day

Become a Drone Pilot

Film Catering

Film Catering Person

Alternate Titles: Crafty, Craft Services, Entertainment Catering, Caterer

Job Description: A Catering (or Craft Services) person provides all food and beverages on set, with the exception of meal times.

Average Annual Salary: $74,000

Become a Film Catering Person



Job Description: An Armorer supervises the use of all weapons on a film set and provides instruction for the Actors on how to properly and safely use them.

Average Annual Salary: $60,000

Become an Armorer

Production Accountant

Production Accountant

Alternate Titles: Accountant

Job Description: A Production Accountant looks after all of the finances for a production. They issue paychecks and give updates to the Producers on where their actual budget is in relation to their projected budget.

Average Annual Salary: $102,000

Become a Production Accountant

Production Assistant

Production Assistant

Alternate Titles: PA

Job Description: A Production Assistant works with various departments on set as needed for odd jobs and support tasks. This is the entry-level position for many crew positions.

Salary: $150 to $250 per day

Become a Production Assistant

Digital Imaging Technician

Digital Imaging Technician

Alternate Titles: DIT

Job Description: The Digital Imaging Technician is responsible for wrangling all data on set and duplicating it for safety. They’re responsible for ensuring all footage is available and intact for the Editor.

Average Annual Salary: $40,000+

Become a Digital Imaging Technician

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