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Job Description: The Producer is the head of the business side of filmmaking. They often help a Screenwriter develop a script, find financing and hire the crew.

Salary: $39,000 to $127,000+

Become a Producer

Executive Producer

Executive Producer

Alternate Titles: EP, Film Financier

Job Description: The Executive Producer provides the financial backing for a film project. Their involvement depends on the project with some simply securing funds and others getting involved in the filmmaking process.

Salary: $47,000 to $178,000+

Become an Executive Producer

Line Producer

Line Producer

Job Description: The Line Producer manages a production’s budget and scheduling and hires all of the below-the-line crew. He or she serves as the bridge between the Director, Producer, and the crew.

Salary: $73,000

Become a Line Producer

become a manager, talent manager


Job Description: A Manager oversees the professional lives of their clients, which can include brainstorming new projects, guiding the progress of existing assignments, providing notes on those assignments and offering general creative feedback and support.

Salary: $40K/year to six or seven figures (depending on experience and client roster)

Become a Manager

Location Manager

Location Manager

Alternate Titles: Location Supervisor, Locations

Job Description: The Location Manager finds, secures and supervises locations for a film, TV, or commercial production. They submit permits, negotiate rates, and coordinate parking, trash removal, and any required police activity.

Average Annual Salary: $49,500

Become a Location Manager

Unit Production Manager

Unit Production Manager

Alternate Titles: UPM, Production Manager

Job Description: Unit Production Managers ensure that all of the paperwork is organized for the Line Producer. They also handle all crew deal memos and contracts.

Average Annual Salary: $62,300

Become a Unit Production Manager

Company Producer

Company Producer

Alternate Titles: Color/Sound/VFX/Editing Supervisor, Studio Manager

Job Description: The Company Producer works within a specific department in the different post-production houses to coordinate and manage schedules for the sound, color, visual effects or editing talent.

Salary: $70,000 to $100,000

Become a Company Producer

Production Accountant

Production Accountant

Alternate Titles: Accountant

Job Description: A Production Accountant looks after all of the finances for a production. They issue paychecks and give updates to the Producers on where their actual budget is in relation to their projected budget.

Average Annual Salary: $102,000

Become a Production Accountant